Instructions for teachers


Grade 3-4

The Mystery at a Museum game is a QR code orienteering game. Print out each QR code on a separate piece of paper and place them inside or outside in a place where students can easily scan the code. The tasks are completed in numerical order. If more than one group or student is playing the game at once, you can print out more than one set of codes to allow several groups or students to work on the same task at the same time.

You can use the Mystery at a Museum game as a final test or beginning of a copyright lesson. To complete the game will take about 30-45 minutes. After completing tasks, it is good to discuss the questions and answers with the students.

Start by reading the opening story together or independently. After this, the students solve copyright quizzes behind the QR codes. Quizzes can be opened with a mobile device and a printed QR codes. In order to read the QR codes, the students need a smart phone or tablet with an Internet connection and a QR code reader application. A QR code reader can be downloaded to devices from the app store. The applications are usually free of charge. To read a QR code, point the device’s camera at the QR code. The code will open the task on your device’s screen.

For each task, the students receive a letter code when answering a question correctly. The letter codes need to be filled in an answer form in numerical order (the code of the first task in the first box, the code of the second task in the second box etc.). After completing all 10 tasks, the students enter the solution code into the mystery box to solve the mystery. There are three different resolutions to the story, depending on the answers. The solution code can be entered by clicking the mystery box found inside the classrooms of grades 3–4 in Kopiraittila School or directly via the 11th QR code. Behind the 12. QR code there are extra copyright quizzes for most advanced students.

The Mystery at a Museum game can only be played on a mobile device with the help of a QR reader.

Good luck on your exciting adventure!