(written by Tuutikki Tolonen)

An exhibition of old movies had opened at Kopiraittila Museum. Anni and Kasper’s class was invited to a show at the museum. However, when they arrived, they found a police car in front of the museum.
What had happened?

The class hesitantly stepped inside the museum. In the lobby, an agitated museum guide was giving an explanation to a police officer: ‘All the old movie tapes have been stolen! A thief took them from the box that was next to the back door while I was carrying chairs to the auditorium.’

‘Let’s take a look at that box,’ suggested the police officer.

The guide and the police officer disappeared in the direction of the back door.

‘What should we do now?’ Iiris asked the teacher.
‘Should we go back to the school?’ continued Mika.

The teacher looked pensive.
‘Let’s wait for a moment. Maybe they’ll find the movie tapes. Take your coats to the clothes rack and then return here.’

At the clothes rack, Anni was met with a surprise. A parrot was sitting on the hat rack!

‘Oh wow, look! I wonder if he’s sat there for long,’ said Anni to Kasper.

Kasper looked at the parrot and said:
‘I bet he’s the only witness to the theft. It’s a shame he can’t tell us.’

The parrot looked at the children with his beady black eyes.
‘Maybe I can,’ he suddenly whispered in a hoarse voice.
‘What?’ exclaimed Anni and Kasper. ‘You can talk?’
‘What do you think?’ answered the parrot.

‘Well, who took the movies tapes?’ asked Kasper.
‘Information for information, an answer for an answer,’ croaked the parrot.
‘What does that mean?’ asked Anni.

The parrot stared at Anni and answered:
‘I’m a copyright parrot.

I ask, you answer. If your answer is correct, you will receive a letter. The letters will then tell you who stole the tapes.’

Almost the entire class was gathered around the parrot. The children glanced at each other.
‘All right. Give us the first task!’ said Kasper.