(written by Tuutikki Tolonen)

The classroom door rattled. The class turned towards the sound. A small, peculiarly dressed man was standing at the door.

‘Excuse me, who might you be?’ asked the teacher in surprise.

The newcomer looked sternly around the classroom.

‘I’m the copyright knight,’ he answered.

‘Excuse me?’ asked the teacher. Someone giggled.

The man pulled out an official-looking badge of honour from his chest pocket and waved it in the air.

‘I’m the copyright knight, and there is a crime here that needs to be solved. More precisely, a series of crimes.’

Everyone fell silent.

‘A series of crimes?’ repeated the teacher in a small voice.

‘Yes. And the culprit is in this room.’

The students glanced at each other. The knight continued:

‘In other words, someone in this classroom does not know copyright legislation, or even worse, does not care about it.’

‘Who?’ the teacher gasped.

‘That is what I’m here to find out,’ answered the man.